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Do You Make These Feng Shui Mistakes?

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Do You Make These Feng Shui Mistakes?
by Rupal Turner

Thanks to the mountain of Feng Shui books on the market and an avalanche of untrained “New Age” practitioners offering so-called Feng Shui services, this ancient science has found its way into mainstream western culture. Unfortunately, the forms of Feng Shui that are practiced today are nothing like the Classical Feng Shui that flourished in East Asia for thousands of years. There might seem to be no harm in dabbling in these diluted, cheapened versions of Feng Shui, but the fact is that do-it-yourself and one-size-fits-all recommendations can actually work against you. I’ve come across so many people who follow these generic “rules” in search of having good Feng Shui, only to find that luck seems to work against them. What goes wrong? Let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes:

MISTAKE #1. Believe everything you read in feng shui books:

Many of the books available are written by authors who have little or no training in authentic or Classical Feng Shui. I personally heard of someone who received a book deal to write on Feng Shui even though she was never trained in this vast science. Her strategy? “I’ll just read a few books on Feng Shui and then put my own spin on it.” Imagine the damage she could do! Even Feng Shui authors who claim to be well-trained may not actually have solid credentials – or moral scruples. In fact, some of these authors are aware that their books contain inaccurate information and yet they continue writing because their books continue selling.

The majority of “Feng Shui Lite” books address clutter clearing or placing certain objects in your so called wealth, career, romance and other life areas. But keep in mind that popularized books barely scratch the surface of Feng Shui’s complex system of mathematical and scientific environmental analysis. That’s because the power of Classical Feng Shui is in applying these complex calculations and energy-balancing principles to specific people in specific environments. This can never be simplified for mass consumption. Plus – and here’s the danger – popularized Feng Shui often catastrophizes things that aren’t really problems at all (remember the question about the placement of the bathroom in my last ezine?) while missing truly negative forces flowing through the environment. In fact, following a book’s advice to place a certain object in your wealth or romance area can actually activate negative energies.

My advice? Take Feng Shui books with a grain of salt as good guides for clearing clutter, freshening your spaces, and getting rid of any objects you don’t love. Beyond that: reader beware!

MISTAKE #2. Assume a water fountain is good feng shui:

Having a water feature in your environment is certainly soothing and uplifting. Books written by the Black Hat School of Feng Shui authors will tell you to place a water feature in the far left corner of your home. This is supposed to be everyone’s “wealth” corner, no matter which direction your house faces. But Compass School Feng Shui authors tell you something completely different – they want you to put a water fountain in the southeast “wealth corner” of your home. Both of these New Age schools are WRONG and their advice can be quite dangerous. If a water feature is placed incorrectly in an environment, it can cause gossip, sex scandals, arguments, legal problems and even criminal activity. That’s because proper water placement must factor in unseen energies and timing calculations. In some homes, for instance, the home’s natal chart “horoscope” may not be able to hold water features at all. Even a small fountain could energize exceedingly negative energies.

MISTAKE #3. Paint your front door bright red for good luck:

In Feng Shui, red is considered an auspicious or lucky color. However, depending on your specific home, too much red – especially near entrances and in bedrooms and offices can actually attract fires, accidents, separation or divorce, and even trigger major illnesses such as eye, heart, and blood related diseases as well as stomach and reproductive problems, and miscarriages. It is best to avoid large use of red, burgundy and maroon if you are at all unsure of the energy patterns at work in your home.

MISTAKE #4. Believe your Feng Shui remedies will work better if you infuse them with intention:

Feng Shui does not rely on a “placebo effect.” Instead, it is more like gravity – which works whether you believe in it or not. So while it is always beneficial to have good intentions, true Feng Shui cures work no matter what you intend. I know that’s contrary to what those New Age consultants say. I suppose their reasoning is that since their “make-believe” cures don’t actually work, it’s going to take the power of your mind to attract positive energies. You wind up putting a lot of effort into something that may or may not work. Far better to rely on Classical Feng Shui to identify those &
gravity” remedies that work no matter what.

MISTAKE #5. Place good luck objects throughout your home:

Real Feng Shui is not about decorating your home with good luck objects or mastering the “art of object placement.” These are entirely New Age concepts that have no roots in Classical Feng Shui. It’s silly and superstitious to think that you need to fill your home with so-called lucky objects to create or change the energy around you. While dragon and frog figurines are symbolic in Chinese culture, they have no power to cultivate “wealth” luck. Placing lovebirds or mandarin ducks in pairs in your so-called relationship sector will do absolutely nothing to kindle romance and love. While these objects do serve to remind us of what we desire, they cannot change the energetic composition of a room and have no power on their own to bring you extra good fortune. That comes from applying authentic Feng Shui energy-balancing principles correctly.

Feng Shui has gained a frivolous reputation today because of the way people practice it. Getting real results from Feng Shui doesn’t require books, red front doors, lucky frogs or exhaustive intention. It simply requires a consultation with a Classically trained expert who can use the birthdates of both you and your home or office to calculate – and harness -the unseen energies flowing through the land, time, and space.

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5 Classical Feng Shui Tips to Ensure You Make A Date With Prosperity!

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Are you about to open up a bank account, get married, schedule surgery or make a business presentation? The date you select can have a tremendous impact on the outcome.

In Asia, people do not schedule major life events without first checking to see whether a certain date is auspicious — with the planets aligned in your favor for a certain event. This may sound silly to westerners, but Classical Feng Shui calculations can in fact assess whether a particular date has good energy for you and can support an auspicious outcome for the actions you take upon that date.

In today’s economy, who can afford not to use every edge in making plans and moving forward?

Here are 5 situations where Feng Shui date selection can make all the difference:

1. A Major Purchase A Classical Feng Shui practitioner can pinpoint an auspicious date by matching your energy to the right combination of planetary influences. For instance, Feng Shui can reveal days when the combination of influences will virtually guarantee that the car you buy on those dates will give you trouble – and could even attract multiple accidents. Even if you’re not a reckless driver, an inauspicious purchase date can set the tone for what’s ahead.

Case in point: Someone I know bought a brand new Audi a few years ago. He had it regularly serviced by an experienced mechanic. But a few months ago, the car’s engine broke down completely. Even worse, the damage was caused by a small error on the part of the mechanic which voided the car’s warranty. The Audi owner was left with a completely worthless car on which he still owed a substantial amount of money. I went back and looked at the actual purchase date and what I saw shocked me: The stars on this day for this particular person indicated that the purchase would be “short lived”.

2. Making Investments If you buy investments on a day when there is money luck in your unique Feng Shui chart, you will make money. If there’s no money luck in your chart, you WILL NOT make money — guaranteed. Yes, even in this volatile market, you can still make money IF you choose the right date. But on an inauspicious day, even a pick that’s touted as a “darling” of Wall Street will still result in a loss for you. That’s right: even if the price of that stock rises over time, the energies of that investment are still linked to the inauspicious energies at work the day you bought it and inevitably circumstances in your own life will cause you to have to sell at a loss. Keep in mind, everything in the universe is energy and while everything appears random, nothing is a coincidence.

3. Surgery If you need surgery or a medical procedure, selecting an auspicious date is of paramount importance. Suppose, for instance, you’re having surgery to remove a cancerous or even a benign tumor. You don’t want to have that procedure on a day when certain energetic influences favor “regrowth”. Instead, you want to pick a day where the energies will help ensure that the tumor will not grow back. Similarly, if you’re undergoing plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons, you want to select a date that indicates you will be pleased with the results — and help you avoid a botched nose job, complications from a face lift or other unpleasant surprises.

4. Business Decisions If you’re submitting proposals, opening up a bank account, taking on a partner, or even incorporating your business, date selection can give you a significant advantage. Even if you’re undertaking advertising or marketing projects, certain planetary influences can make your efforts easier — and give you an advantage over competitors. Suppose, for example, that you want to incorporate your new business. Choosing an auspicious date is critical because it becomes the birthdate of your business. Through Feng Shui, you can look ahead and find a date that is marked for you with money-making potential. I had a client whose business simply limped along despite all the hard work she poured into it. After analyzing her incorporation date, I suggested she close the old corporation and reincorporate on a new date. Within less than 6 weeks of reincorporating on a date that had strong money-luck potential, her business started booming like she had never experienced before. She wasn’t working harder — but her business horoscope was now working with her rather than against her.

5. Renovating If you’re planning on renovating your home, the date on which work begins is crucial. In India, there are even certain times during the year when no construction work takes place because of certain inauspicious energies. When you combine your own Feng Shui horoscope with planetary influences, certain dates can indicate energies that will attract major delays, shoddy construction, and disappointing results. You’ve heard horror stories where contractors run off with the money and leave the job unfinished. Taking the precaution of picking a “good” date can help prevent that from happening – and it can help make sure the improvements live up to your highest expectations.

Bottom line: Your decisions and actions take on the energetic pattern of the days when they are “born”. By taking the time to select auspicious days, you can literally make a date with prosperity.

(c) 2011 Rupal Mehta Turner

About the author: Feng Shui and Vaastu Expert Rupal Mehta Turner publishes “The Prosperity Report”, a biweekly ezine that reveals Feng Shui and Vaastu secrets for a thriving business and personal life. If you’re ready to improve your finances, health and relationships by using the forces in your environment, get your FR*EE tips now at

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Is Bad Kitchen Feng Shui Making You Fat … and Poor?

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

In many homes, the kitchen is the “heart of the home.” In Feng Shui the kitchen symbolizes nourishment and wealth. After all, it’s no coincidence that slang words for money include “bread” or “dough” and “to put food on the table” means to earn money. Reflecting the love and energy that are poured into process of making food, the kitchen also symbolizes nourishment. A disorderly kitchen is a clear sign that your finances are in disarray, and if you’re trying to stay slim, beware a kitchen that’s too “visible.”

Here are some Feng Shui and Vaastu suggestions for creating a kitchen that’s healthy, wealthy and wise:

1. Do you find cooking a burden? Do you struggle to keep off excess pounds? Here’s what to do: go outside, open your front door and look into your home. If you have a clear view into the kitchen, negative energies have a clear shot at accumulating there. To deflect these energies, place something between the front door and kitchen that is a focal point — like a large vase of flowers on a table — to draw attention before the eyes go to the kitchen. You could also cover up the kitchen with a pocket door, an attractive stained glass door, or a fabric curtain.
2. The ideal location for a kitchen is in the east or southeast of your home. The worst locations are in the west or northwest where the energies have the potential to cause health problems and ongoing confrontations for the primary breadwinner. If your kitchen is located in the west or northwest area of your home, try to have your stove located in the east or southeast sector of your kitchen.
3. The stove is the most important element in a kitchen. While “triangle” patterns are popular in kitchen design, the stove is a Feng Shui fire element that should never be placed right next to the sink or the refrigerator which are both water elements. Water puts out fire which could adversely affect your finances. So, allow at least three feet between the stove and the sink and fridge. If they are side by side, place a small green plant between the two to help hold the energy of your stove (and finances). If you have an island stove that is directly across from your sink, this arrangement can cause arguments and disputes as water and fire energy clash. A green rug will emit wood energy and so placing a green rug on the floor between the sink and the stove will help to diffuse the clashing energy.
4. Always keep your stove clean and the burners working properly. Plus, don’t just use one burner — use all your burners equally to attract a flow of money from many different sources.
5. If your kitchen is small or dark, light it up! Use lamps or hang lighting that diffuses more light upwards. Consider adding lighting inside glass cabinets to illuminate your china and crystal. Placing large mirrors can also help brighten the kitchen and open up a small, dark space. Also use lighter colors as well to make your kitchen appear even brighter.
6. Keep your kitchen organized and clutter free! It is more fun and enjoyable to cook in a tidy kitchen. You will be able to find whatever ingredients you need. Whatever you are thinking and feeling when you cook produces energies that will enter the food. If you’re feeling cramped, frustrated or chaotic, the food will absorb this energy. Being mindful, calm and peaceful when cooking can help to raise the vibrations in the food which in turn helps to nourish us.
7. Keep your refrigerator clean –inside and out. You want everything about your refrigerator to symbolize health, nourishment, and well-being. That’s why it’s vital to keep everything about your fridge fresh. So start by clearing the overwhelming and stagnant energy that can be created by having the outside of your fridge papered with flyers, invitations and photos. Be brutal and remove the excess – think of every paper as “static,” As you remove it, the energy becomes clearer and calmer. It’s also vital to keep the inside of your refrigerator fresh and vibrant. Be vigilant in throwing out spoiled foods, wiping down shelves, and organizing what’s left. When you open the door to your fridge, you want to literally feel the harmonious energy emanate out to keep you and your family healthy and prosperous.

Now that you know these seven secrets to better kitchen Feng Shui, don’t wait — put them into action now to improve health, harmony and your finances throughout the remainder of 2011.

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How Gemstones Can Bring Good Fortune and Positively Impact Your Life

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

According to ancient Indian wisdom, gemstones are believed to have the power to counteract negative influences in our lives, protect our health, prevent accidents and increase our vitality. Gemology is an ancient science and historical evidence shows that it was practiced in the first century B.C. And do you know that certain gemstones can be used to increase prosperity and attract opportunities to us.

It’s this month’s Infinite Abundance Inner Circle Call…..

TOMORROW, Wednesday, February 15th, 2012, 8:00pm Eastern “Learn How Gemstones Can Bring Good Fortune and Positively Impact Your Life ” with Rupal Mehta Turner and special guest expert Rachel Hart.

In this call, you’ll gain insights that will help you learn:

* How gemstones protect you and give you a sense of well being

* Which specific gemstone to avoid that brings bad luck and misfortune

* Which gemstones will enhance your love life and prosperity

* Which gemstones to wear when you are going through a difficult time in your life

* Which gemstones are suitable for you or your particular situation

And so much more…. This is a call not to be missed !

My special guest on this week’s call is Rachel Hart, an award winning spiritual jeweler and a Vedic gemologist who teams people up with just that right gemstone (personal gemstone) that brings blessings. She was an intuitive child and started living a yogic lifestyle in 1975. During our call, Rachel will share ancient knowledge based on Khabbalah, Vedic and Yogic gemology.

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I look forward to hearing you on the call.

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Where can I find and activate my “love” corner and “wealth” corner?

Friday, February 10th, 2012

First of all there is no universal love or wealth corner that exists in any environment. This is an oversimplified version of New Age Feng Shui that rigidly assigns life situations or directions to certain areas of your home or office without taking into account any other factors. Certainly, there are places in your home or office that are more conducive to “money” luck or “romance” luck but these areas are not the same for everyone. They are specific to each individual person.

For more information, join my Infinite Abundance Inner Circle

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Feng Shui Mistake: Decluttering “cures” bad luck

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Careful! Cleaning out the closet and dejunking the garage won’t keep you from going broke.

One of the biggest myths is that Feng Shui is simply about clearing away clutter. In fact, most of the popular pseudo-feng shui books are really just tools for decluttering and getting organized. Of course it is helpful to clear out junk, discard things you no longer use or love, and get rid of anything unfinished (and not likely to get finished). Clutter is “stuck energy” and having too much of it stuck in your house can lead to depression, put your life on hold, weigh you down, stifle creativity, and create disorganization and debilitating procrastination. And I guarantee that if you clear out clutter you will come into money, gifts, opportunities, or other good things. That’s because one of the laws of the universe is that nature abhors a vacuum and will do whatever it can to fill up that void or space. One of the fastest ways to get what you want in life is to “energetically” make space for it. Thus, clearing clutter will give you more space and it can work wonders in helping you attract what you desire.

However, authentic Feng Shui is much deeper than cleaning out your junk drawers. You can have a clean, spare and organized house yet it can still be full of unseen energies that will eventually cause miscarriages, bad health, financial setbacks, even adultery. I have seen beautiful and well organized homes with not an ounce of clutter where the occupants still feel depressed, have legal and money hassles, and are always arguing. Remember, while clearing clutter is good, the real power of Feng Shui lies in clearing negative influences and rebalancing the flow to harmonize with your specific home and your specific energetic makeup.

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What is Authentic Feng Shui?

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Contrary to popular belief, Classical Feng Shui is not about putting a frog with a coin on your desk or putting a water feature in your so-called “wealth” sector and thinking these things will bring you money. (In fact, doing this could actually be destroying your wealth: See my free report, The 5 Biggest Feng Shui & Vaastu Mistakes Most People Make and How to Avoid Them.) Unlike the overly simplified practices that claim to be Feng Shui, true Classical Feng Shui incorporates the influence of planetary cycles and time-tested mathematical calculations and formulas. This results in Feng Shui recommendations that are truly customized for the energies that apply to each client and each home or workplace and a particular period of time. This is why Classical Feng Shui practitioners keep clients from making “one size fits all” mistakes that commonly arise with other non-authentic schools of Feng Shui.

By contrast, Classical Feng Shui applies well-defined scientific principles and energy theories to individual situations. Instead of dangerous “one size fits all” recommendations, clients receive personal analysis of their unique interaction with their specific environment. That’s vital, because every structure has its own energy map that determines how it will interact with an individual over time. To assess this, Classical Feng Shui uses a sophisticated compass and complex mathematical formulas and calculations to examine both the physical environment (location and orientation of the building and its relationship to surrounding environmental features) and the quality of energy affecting a building in a specific time period. And by doing both, Classical Feng Shui helps you avoid making mistakes and missing valuable opportunities.

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