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Special Invitation: Infinite Abundance Inner Circle

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Month after month, trade lack of control for MORE power to prosper … and LESS risk of setbacks in your career, finances, health, and relationships.

With my Monthly Teleseminar program, I will show you how to turn ancient secrets into practical, real-world tools and techniques for thriving despite modern chaos.

Imagine! Once every month, you’ll spend 60-minutes in a teleseminar and come away with secrets that can literally change your career, health, relationships and future. (Plus, if you can’t make the live program, I’ll tell you how to listen later ….)

Sign up now to benefit from all kinds of ancient wisdom, including:

Vaastu – older than Feng Shui and dating back over 10,000 years, Vaastu uses the scientific principles recorded in the Vedas to protect you against strife by aligning physical, energetic, karmic and spiritual forces in your life.

Feng Shui – where you live and work directly influences the opportunities and luck that comes your way. Through mathematical and compass calculations, Feng Shui can help you make subtle yet powerful changes to your environment to improve your health, finances, love life and so much more.

Numerology – how numbers like your birth date, address, bank account, and wedding day shape your personality, your fortunes and your interaction with other people.

Bhrigu Yantra –the oldest astrology and divination system on the planet, this enables you to consult directly with the spiritual world for guidance on specific issues in your life.

Omens and Intuition – regarded as a science in India, knowing how to read omens and listen to intuition can help alert you to dangers and guide you around obstacles.

Date Selection – before you plan an event, see a doctor, make a purchase, send a proposal or invest money, it’s crucial to know how the energies of that day can affect or block your success.

Gemology – gemstones are energetically tied to the planets. Learn how wearing particular stones can strengthen you against negative energies.

Face Reading – imagine being able to read a person’s face and know immediately the general direction of their destiny as well as their strengths, motivators, personality and more.

Astrocartography – using your birth date, this science reveals the best places on Earth for you to pursue your dreams, find spiritual growth, health, love and romance, prosperity or adventure.

Space Clearing –vibrational energy is attached to everything –your walls, the clothes in your closet, a piece of furniture, a painting or vase. Learn to clear away any negative energy clinging to the objects around you so you can change direction and move forward.

Vibrational Healing – each Chakra in your body is tuned to a particular vibration. Learn how to use vibrations to stimulate, soothe, and unblock energy so you can heal physical and emotional disease and distress.

Handwriting Analysis – learn what the size, slant and form of handwriting reveals about you (and others), and how changing your handwriting can literally change your life.

The Power of Color – each color has its own vibration. Learn how certain colors can help … and how some can actually attract misfortunes like cancer or financial setbacks.

Mantra Meditation – more than just a calming, reflective time out on busy days, mantra meditation uses the vibrational qualities in ancient chants to ramp up your chakras’ vibrations — and your natural ability to attract health, abundance, and love.

Join us here:

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“Finding Your Career Potential in Your Astrological Chart”

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

with Rupal Mehta Turner and special guest Nancy Bahlman

In these uncertain economic times, many people have either lost their jobs, been forced out of industries or are under-employed. And there are many others stuck in jobs that are not rewarding yet they hang on because their work “pays” their bills. If you’re looking for new work or want to make a career change but not sure about what to do or you’re simply afraid to “take the leap,” then you don’t want to miss the next Infinite Abundance Inner Circle Call.

My special guest will be Nancy Bahlman, an expert in astrology and astrocartography. On this call, you will learn…

  • Which talents and career abilities are BEST for you personally based upon your personal astrological chart
  • When is the best time to make career changes in your lives (There are certain times in our lives when we should make changes and if we don’t, we will be forced into making changes!!)
  • What upcoming astrological changes to be aware of and its impact between now and the end of this year on you
  • And so much more!
  • Click here to join us for this months Infinite Abundance Inner Circle call tomorrow night:

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    Deadly Coincidences or Bad Feng Shui?

    Saturday, May 12th, 2012

    Not too far from where I live there is a house that has been occupied by three different families – and in each, the woman in the family died unexpectedly within just a few years.

    One died in a violent car accident. Another died from ovarian cancer almost as soon as it was diagnosed. The third died from unexpected health complications. The house gained such a “haunted” reputation that I don’t believe it’s occupied by anyone now.

    This is quite eerie to say the least. Now obviously, people die from car accidents and health complications. But it is quite a coincidence that the wife in each family living in this home died unexpectedly within a short time of their moving in. Except that it’s NOT a coincidence.

    Karma attracts you to the home where you are to live out your destiny or fate. However, depending upon a home’s compass direction and when it was built, some buildings are blessed by fortune while others are cursed by misfortune. In addition, unseen energies in neighboring buildings and roads can diminish or intensify the energies at work on the house.

    Unlike the nonsense peddled by “New Age” dabblers in Feng Shui, authentic Feng Shui and Vaastu (Indian Feng Shui) combine principles of environmental science with complex mathematical formulas to analyze exactly how the powers of the land, time and space affect the fortunes of a home and its occupants.

    When I went to see this particular home for myself, I immediately saw a clash in the energies concerning how the home was situated on the cul-de-sac. Further calculations showed that the brunt of these harmful energies would be focused on the women of the household. This apparently played itself out – by adversely affecting each woman who lived in that home.

    While everything is random in the universe, nothing is coincidence. Certainly destiny or fate played a part in bringing each of the three families to this particular home. However, being aware of energetic influences can arm us with powerful knowledge that can keep us from moving into a “hostile” home. In other words, authentic Feng Shui and Vaastu are strong enough to help cushion one’s bad karma. That’s why they can prove so valuable – and why they should not be dabbled with by amateurs.

    Feng Shui and Vaastu Expert Rupal Turner publishes “The Prosperity Report,” a biweekly ezine that reveals Feng Shui and Vaastu secrets for a thriving business and personal life. If you’re ready to improve your finances, health and relationships by using the forces in your environment, get your FREE tips now at

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    Is it a Bad Economy … or Bad Feng Shui?

    Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

    Recently, I spoke with a woman who said she and her husband were having a tough time financially.  She thought maybe it was just the economy, but she wondered if a Feng Shui consultation might give the energies in their home a financial “boost.”  She mentioned the idea to her husband.  His reply?  “Honey, let’s do this after our finances have improved!”

    The problem is that there is every indication that their finances will not improve – even if the economy starts to soar. In fact, the situation the woman described seemed directly tied to negative energies in the home rather than to external economic factors.  Without changing the Feng Shui in that environment, I can absolutely predict that they will have ongoing cash flow problems.

    How can I say that?  Because there are several tell-tale signs that negative energies are at work.  Let’s take a look:

    1.  You start to experience client cancellations or work falling through. Yes, the economy may cause people to hold onto their money, but be sensitive to a situation that seems to worsen no matter what you do. For example, watch for patterns such as clients who make appointments or are ready to sign contracts, but then they call and cancel.  A Classical Feng Shui expert can run mathematical computations to see if conflicting energies are indeed at work.  If that’s the case, Feng Shui can also be used to rebalance those energies.

    Feng Shui is so powerful at keeping cash flow positive that I have many clients – CEOs, life coaches, real estate developers, attorneys and investment bankers — who consider my monthly Feng Shui consultations part of strategic business operations to help them avoid cancellations. In fact, as a practitioner of authentic Feng Shui, I can not only see current negative energies, I can mathematically predict exactly when and where new business problems can arise and help my clients be proactive in keeping these problems from ever developing.

    I just mention this as a caution to you in choosing a Feng Shui practitioner, because you do not want to base your business decisions (and financial future) on a Feng Shui hobbyist – only a classically trained expert in authentic Feng Shui can apply the complex ancient formulas to determine where the problem is and how to defuse it.

    2.  You’ve recently moved into a new home. Now, you find that relationships have become strained or you’re hit with a flood of difficulties – you’re experiencing financial setbacks, health issues, car accidents, legal hassles.  If this “change in luck” happens shortly after moving in, the downturn in the economy probably isn’t even at work here.  Instead, it’s a sign that the Feng Shui is out of balance. This can happen because every home has its own horoscope that shapes its energy patterns.  If this conflicts with your own horoscope, you’ll quickly experience difficulties.

    A Feng Shui consultation can alert you to simple adjustments that will bring your home into better harmony with your own energy so it supports you instead of being “at war” with you. At the same time Feng Shui can eliminate negative energies, it can help stimulate positive energies, creating a dramatic change in the way you experience your home — and life!

    3.  You’re stuck in life. Things are just not moving.  It might seem like you’re working hard and doing everything right but that nothing is happening for you.  If this has come on over the course of a year, that’s a signal that the annual shift that occurs in energy patterns is creating a negative pattern in your environment.  If you want to see changes in your life, you have to make changes in your environment.  Again, a professional Feng Shui consultation can not only identify these “stuck” energies, but can show you exactly how to manipulate these unseen forces so it’s easy to jumpstart your life.

    4.  You have a specific problem that just doesn’t get solved. Whatever issue you face in your life will be reflected in your home. There are areas in the home that can promote — or prevent — problems ranging from breast cancer to legal hassles.  If you can’t seem to find a soul mate or you’re worried about a son’s academic performance or a daughter’s risk-taking behavior, a Feng Shui expert can usually identify the trouble spot in the home that is triggering the energies that in turn trigger problems.  I especially love to use my Feng Shui skills to solve problems for my clients.  It’s so rewarding to what I call a little energetic intervention and see what are often immediate and dramatic “breakthroughs” – from suddenly being able to conceive a child, to bringing health issues or negative behaviors to an end.

    5.  You’re remodeling your home. Before you remodel, you really should invest in a Feng Shui inspection.  Here’s why: every home holds both good and bad energy. The minute you begin remodeling, you begin changing the energetic balance. If you unwittingly expand an area of negative energy, you could soon find yourself experiencing an onset of overwhelming misfortune, conflict, anxiety, loss – even disease.  Often, for example, couples invest in a master bedroom addition only to find that once they start sleeping in the new room, their relationship or health begins to break down.   A Feng Shui and Vaastu assessment early in the remodeling process helps you avoid sinking considerable money into a renovation that will put your house at war with you.  Instead, you’ll know specific choices to avoid as well as choices – like the direction of a door or the position of a kitchen or bedroom – that can support you with a life- and luck-enhancing environment.  Again, let me stress that this is not merely about serene lines and clear energy flow: it is about complex mathematical formulas that pinpoint energetic confluences and conflicts that can exist now — and months down the road.

    Done correctly, Feng Shui is almost unbelievably powerful and can lead to results nothing short of  miraculous.  In fact, in today’s crazy economic climate, who can afford to have a home or office environment that’s working against them? But remember, only traditional, authentic Classical Feng Shui can deliver such results.   Perhaps that’s why I’m hearing from so many clients who are investing in Feng Shui consultations to get help preventing economic woes from costing them not only their financial well-being, but the well-being of their relationships and health as well.  It can truly make all the difference.

    (c) 2012 Rupal Mehta Turner

    About the author: Feng Shui and Vaastu Expert Rupal Mehta Turner publishes “The Prosperity Report,” a biweekly ezine that reveals Feng Shui and Vaastu secrets for a thriving business and personal life. If you’re ready to improve your finances, health and relationships by using the forces in your environment, get your FR*EE tips now at

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    Classical Feng Shui: Buyer Beware – Clashing Energies Drain Your Finances

    Friday, May 4th, 2012

    In a previous article I talked about how environmental energies could enhance prosperity or bring about misfortune. Just how much of an impact can they have? I recently did a Feng Shui consultation for a family who had called me because they were having financial difficulties. They sensed that the energies in their home were causing money woes.

    After drawing up the natal chart of the home, calculating birthdates and analyzing planetary influences, I could clearly see that the home had tremendous money luck potential for the husband. So it puzzled me that since moving into this home 4 years back, the family had lost more than $2 million – a loss that had totally wiped out their cash and other assets. A loss of this magnitude (or any loss for that matter) will clearly be reflected in the environment. So I looked closer to find the source of the hidden energies at work.

    As I walked the perimeter of my client’s property, I suddenly discovered the problem: the roads surrounding the property. While the home itself showed tremendous money luck potential, these roads carried clashing energy that – without powerful Feng Shui cures – destroyed my client’s ability to make and keep money while living in the house!

    Energy clashes can take many forms and affect more than money. A while back, a friend of mine told me about a “cursed” house. In every family that had lived in the house, a female member of the family had died shortly after moving in. Upon examining the Feng Shui of the house, I discovered that powerful energies were at work. The way the house was positioned on the cul-de-sac created a clash of energies that created an incredibly harmful energetic environment for women. While karma takes us to a home where we are to live out our destiny, remember that we can use our Earth Luck – or Feng Shui and Vaastu – to help neutralize negative environments.

    Unlike the New Age “one size fits all” Feng Shui, authentic Feng Shui and Vaastu (Indian Feng Shui) combine principles of environmental science with complex mathematical formulas to analyze exactly how the powers of the land, time and space affect the fortunes of a home and its occupants. If negative events arise suddenly – or if a property has been home to a long history of misfortunes – there is absolutely an energetic conflict at work. While an expert analysis is needed to identify and neutralize the impact of environmental energies, here are some general tips for spotting situations where environmental influences are at play.

    1. Did the previous occupants incur bankruptcy? If so, the situation may have been caused – or at least aggravated – by clashing energies. For example, near where I live there’s a commercial property. In the last 5 years, all 4 businesses that have moved into that space have gone out of business in about a year. Yes, I know these are hard times for all businesses, especially small ones. But bad Feng Shui can sink a business even in good times. A while back, for instance, I went with some business people to look at a retail location that should have been a goldmine: great traffic patterns, upscale address, it had everything going for it except the energetic environment. The clash of energies at the location was monumental. After seeing the site and calculating the energetic forces at work, it was no surprise to learn that the former occupants of the site had failed to stay afloat.

    2. Is there a repeated pattern of divorce, cancer, etc.? I recently examined a housing development where rows of townhomes were perpendicular to each other. In one particular row, I noticed that even though the homes face different directions and have different natal charts, the energetic forces swirling around them indicated marital discord. That flow of energy is like a magnet – attracting people who will indeed live out their karma to become divorced. Shortly after running this analysis, I spoke with someone who knew the families in that row of townhomes. I told her what the energy patterns indicated and she was amazed: it seems that in the past month, men in two different-facing homes had indeed left their wives.

    So what does this mean for you?

    For starters, never ever move into a home or business space without doing your homework on the history of the home and its occupants.

    Second, it’s very important to have a Classical Feng Shui or Vaastu expert look at the property before you commit to moving in. Just as a home inspection makes sure a home is structurally sound, a Feng Shui and Vaastu consultation makes sure your home is energetically sound. And choosing a location that naturally supports good fortune, protects you from misfortune and even alters an otherwise sad destiny is a million times easier than having to constantly put remedies in place to neutralize dangerous energetic patterns.

    These “before you buy” consultations save so much money and misfortune down the road.

    (c) 2012 Rupal Mehta Turner

    About the author: Feng Shui and Vaastu Expert Rupal Mehta Turner publishes “The Prosperity Report”, a biweekly ezine that reveals Feng Shui and Vaastu secrets for a thriving business and personal life. If you’re ready to improve your finances, health and relationships by using the forces in your environment, get your FR*EE tips now at

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    Classical Feng Shui and Vaastu can improve your financial situation

    Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

    Everyday you are being influenced by a multitude of unseen energies coming from the buildings and environment in which you live and work. These energies are either auspicious (enhancing your prosperity) or negative (bringing about misfortune). By adjusting your surroundings, you can activate auspicious energies to bring you money luck as well as protect you from misfortune. It may sound a little odd to the Western mind, but remember that for thousands of years, Feng Shui was a heavily guarded secret that kings and emperors used to protect their power and wealth. There was fear that if the “common” man came into the knowledge of Feng Shui, he could use this ancient science to change his fortunes and elevate himself to the level of kings.

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