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Special Invitation: Infinite Abundance Inner Circle

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Month after month, trade lack of control for MORE power to prosper … and LESS risk of setbacks in your career, finances, health, and relationships.

With my Monthly Teleseminar program, I will show you how to turn ancient secrets into practical, real-world tools and techniques for thriving despite modern chaos.

Imagine! Once every month, you’ll spend 60-minutes in a teleseminar and come away with secrets that can literally change your career, health, relationships and future. (Plus, if you can’t make the live program, I’ll tell you how to listen later ….)

Sign up now to benefit from all kinds of ancient wisdom, including:

Vaastu – older than Feng Shui and dating back over 10,000 years, Vaastu uses the scientific principles recorded in the Vedas to protect you against strife by aligning physical, energetic, karmic and spiritual forces in your life.

Feng Shui – where you live and work directly influences the opportunities and luck that comes your way. Through mathematical and compass calculations, Feng Shui can help you make subtle yet powerful changes to your environment to improve your health, finances, love life and so much more.

Numerology – how numbers like your birth date, address, bank account, and wedding day shape your personality, your fortunes and your interaction with other people.

Bhrigu Yantra –the oldest astrology and divination system on the planet, this enables you to consult directly with the spiritual world for guidance on specific issues in your life.

Omens and Intuition – regarded as a science in India, knowing how to read omens and listen to intuition can help alert you to dangers and guide you around obstacles.

Date Selection – before you plan an event, see a doctor, make a purchase, send a proposal or invest money, it’s crucial to know how the energies of that day can affect or block your success.

Gemology – gemstones are energetically tied to the planets. Learn how wearing particular stones can strengthen you against negative energies.

Face Reading – imagine being able to read a person’s face and know immediately the general direction of their destiny as well as their strengths, motivators, personality and more.

Astrocartography – using your birth date, this science reveals the best places on Earth for you to pursue your dreams, find spiritual growth, health, love and romance, prosperity or adventure.

Space Clearing –vibrational energy is attached to everything –your walls, the clothes in your closet, a piece of furniture, a painting or vase. Learn to clear away any negative energy clinging to the objects around you so you can change direction and move forward.

Vibrational Healing – each Chakra in your body is tuned to a particular vibration. Learn how to use vibrations to stimulate, soothe, and unblock energy so you can heal physical and emotional disease and distress.

Handwriting Analysis – learn what the size, slant and form of handwriting reveals about you (and others), and how changing your handwriting can literally change your life.

The Power of Color – each color has its own vibration. Learn how certain colors can help … and how some can actually attract misfortunes like cancer or financial setbacks.

Mantra Meditation – more than just a calming, reflective time out on busy days, mantra meditation uses the vibrational qualities in ancient chants to ramp up your chakras’ vibrations — and your natural ability to attract health, abundance, and love.

Join us here:

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“Finding Your Career Potential in Your Astrological Chart”

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

with Rupal Mehta Turner and special guest Nancy Bahlman

In these uncertain economic times, many people have either lost their jobs, been forced out of industries or are under-employed. And there are many others stuck in jobs that are not rewarding yet they hang on because their work “pays” their bills. If you’re looking for new work or want to make a career change but not sure about what to do or you’re simply afraid to “take the leap,” then you don’t want to miss the next Infinite Abundance Inner Circle Call.

My special guest will be Nancy Bahlman, an expert in astrology and astrocartography. On this call, you will learn…

  • Which talents and career abilities are BEST for you personally based upon your personal astrological chart
  • When is the best time to make career changes in your lives (There are certain times in our lives when we should make changes and if we don’t, we will be forced into making changes!!)
  • What upcoming astrological changes to be aware of and its impact between now and the end of this year on you
  • And so much more!
  • Click here to join us for this months Infinite Abundance Inner Circle call tomorrow night:

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    Classical Feng Shui: Buyer Beware – Clashing Energies Drain Your Finances

    Friday, May 4th, 2012

    In a previous article I talked about how environmental energies could enhance prosperity or bring about misfortune. Just how much of an impact can they have? I recently did a Feng Shui consultation for a family who had called me because they were having financial difficulties. They sensed that the energies in their home were causing money woes.

    After drawing up the natal chart of the home, calculating birthdates and analyzing planetary influences, I could clearly see that the home had tremendous money luck potential for the husband. So it puzzled me that since moving into this home 4 years back, the family had lost more than $2 million – a loss that had totally wiped out their cash and other assets. A loss of this magnitude (or any loss for that matter) will clearly be reflected in the environment. So I looked closer to find the source of the hidden energies at work.

    As I walked the perimeter of my client’s property, I suddenly discovered the problem: the roads surrounding the property. While the home itself showed tremendous money luck potential, these roads carried clashing energy that – without powerful Feng Shui cures – destroyed my client’s ability to make and keep money while living in the house!

    Energy clashes can take many forms and affect more than money. A while back, a friend of mine told me about a “cursed” house. In every family that had lived in the house, a female member of the family had died shortly after moving in. Upon examining the Feng Shui of the house, I discovered that powerful energies were at work. The way the house was positioned on the cul-de-sac created a clash of energies that created an incredibly harmful energetic environment for women. While karma takes us to a home where we are to live out our destiny, remember that we can use our Earth Luck – or Feng Shui and Vaastu – to help neutralize negative environments.

    Unlike the New Age “one size fits all” Feng Shui, authentic Feng Shui and Vaastu (Indian Feng Shui) combine principles of environmental science with complex mathematical formulas to analyze exactly how the powers of the land, time and space affect the fortunes of a home and its occupants. If negative events arise suddenly – or if a property has been home to a long history of misfortunes – there is absolutely an energetic conflict at work. While an expert analysis is needed to identify and neutralize the impact of environmental energies, here are some general tips for spotting situations where environmental influences are at play.

    1. Did the previous occupants incur bankruptcy? If so, the situation may have been caused – or at least aggravated – by clashing energies. For example, near where I live there’s a commercial property. In the last 5 years, all 4 businesses that have moved into that space have gone out of business in about a year. Yes, I know these are hard times for all businesses, especially small ones. But bad Feng Shui can sink a business even in good times. A while back, for instance, I went with some business people to look at a retail location that should have been a goldmine: great traffic patterns, upscale address, it had everything going for it except the energetic environment. The clash of energies at the location was monumental. After seeing the site and calculating the energetic forces at work, it was no surprise to learn that the former occupants of the site had failed to stay afloat.

    2. Is there a repeated pattern of divorce, cancer, etc.? I recently examined a housing development where rows of townhomes were perpendicular to each other. In one particular row, I noticed that even though the homes face different directions and have different natal charts, the energetic forces swirling around them indicated marital discord. That flow of energy is like a magnet – attracting people who will indeed live out their karma to become divorced. Shortly after running this analysis, I spoke with someone who knew the families in that row of townhomes. I told her what the energy patterns indicated and she was amazed: it seems that in the past month, men in two different-facing homes had indeed left their wives.

    So what does this mean for you?

    For starters, never ever move into a home or business space without doing your homework on the history of the home and its occupants.

    Second, it’s very important to have a Classical Feng Shui or Vaastu expert look at the property before you commit to moving in. Just as a home inspection makes sure a home is structurally sound, a Feng Shui and Vaastu consultation makes sure your home is energetically sound. And choosing a location that naturally supports good fortune, protects you from misfortune and even alters an otherwise sad destiny is a million times easier than having to constantly put remedies in place to neutralize dangerous energetic patterns.

    These “before you buy” consultations save so much money and misfortune down the road.

    (c) 2012 Rupal Mehta Turner

    About the author: Feng Shui and Vaastu Expert Rupal Mehta Turner publishes “The Prosperity Report”, a biweekly ezine that reveals Feng Shui and Vaastu secrets for a thriving business and personal life. If you’re ready to improve your finances, health and relationships by using the forces in your environment, get your FR*EE tips now at

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    Classical Feng Shui and Vaastu can improve your financial situation

    Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

    Everyday you are being influenced by a multitude of unseen energies coming from the buildings and environment in which you live and work. These energies are either auspicious (enhancing your prosperity) or negative (bringing about misfortune). By adjusting your surroundings, you can activate auspicious energies to bring you money luck as well as protect you from misfortune. It may sound a little odd to the Western mind, but remember that for thousands of years, Feng Shui was a heavily guarded secret that kings and emperors used to protect their power and wealth. There was fear that if the “common” man came into the knowledge of Feng Shui, he could use this ancient science to change his fortunes and elevate himself to the level of kings.

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    Feng Shui Mistake – Using red to activate your fame and success

    Monday, April 30th, 2012

    Careful! Are you sure you’re not actually inviting arguments and heart disease?

    The Compass School is recognized by Classical Feng Shui and is very powerful – but only if the calculations are true to the authentic Compass School, and only if they are performed correctly. Once again, you must be on guard against the over-simplified “New Age” version that rigidly assigns life situations (wealth, relationships, fame for example), as well as elements and colors to each direction without taking into consideration any other factors.

    For instance, according to this New Age Compass version, the north direction is associated with career; northeast is related to knowledge; east is family and health; southeast is wealth; south is fame; southwest is relationships; west is children and the northwest is helpful people. According to the Lo Shu Bagau used by the Compass School, north is associated with the water element. Because of this, many New Age Feng Shui practitioners will recommend that everyone should always put a water fountain or fish tank in the north part of their home to tap into “career” luck. This is devastatingly – dangerously – oversimplified. As we saw earlier in Mistake #1, putting water in an improper area without considering timing, unseen energies, or planetary influences can trigger car accidents, sickness, and loss of funds and go against the very nature of placing water there in the first place – that of increasing prosperity! The southwest area is associated with love and relationships according to the New Age Compass School. So if you’re looking for a new “love” to come into your life, practitioners of this school will tell you to place boulders in the southwest of your garden, or to place a pair of decorative geese or crystal hearts in the southwest area of your bedroom or home. This overly simplified new age version of the original Compass School does not take into consideration the placement of elements according to the movement of time. For example, if you place those crystal hearts in the southwest of your house during a month with certain planetary influences, it won’t be love you attract, but instead the potential for sickness.

    Untrained use of the Lo Shu Bagua can set these “everyone should always” traps in every area of your home! For example, if you’re looking for fame, then New Age Compass School practitioners might tell you to paint the south part of your home bright red because it is related to the fire element. But what about the interplay of energies and timing? What about the natal chart of you and your home? What about the surrounding property? All these factors can dramatically change the quality of the energy in that southern area. In fact, they can change the energy pattern so dramatically that instead of inviting fame and success, painting your southern room red could actually usher in arguments, eye ailments … even heart disease.

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    How is Classical Feng Shui different than other types of Feng Shui?

    Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

    Authentic or Classical Feng Shui has been around for thousands of years in Asia but came around to the west about 20 years ago. The most popular version of Feng Shui being practiced in the west is a New Age version that has become so over-simplified from science into interior decorating, color therapy, clutter clearing, and placing Chinese cultural objects to ensure good luck. The New Age version is not only frivolous, it is in many cases dangerous. (See our free report, “The 5 Biggest Feng Shui and Vaastu Mistakes Most People Make… And How to Avoid Them“).

    By contrast, Classical Feng Shui applies well-defined scientific principles and energy theories to individual situations. Instead of dangerous “one size fits all” recommendations, clients receive personal analysis of their unique interaction with their specific environment. That’s vital, because every structure has its own energy map that determines how it will interact with an individual over time. To assess this, Classical Feng Shui uses a sophisticated compass and complex mathematical formulas and calculations to examine both the physical environment (location and orientation of the building and its relationship to surrounding environmental features) and the quality of energy affecting a building in a specific time period. And by doing both, Classical Feng Shui helps you avoid making mistakes and missing valuable opportunities.

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    Classical Feng Shui – Is Your Office Sabotaging Your Success?

    Thursday, April 19th, 2012

    The way your office is set up, where you place your desk, the colors you use, and even the lighting all have an effect on how you do business. Authentic Feng Shui can help you clear away negative energies — and energy blockages — that can sabotage efficiency, productivity and profitability. Advanced Classical Feng Shui formulas can even forecast where and when risks and opportunities might arise and what you can do to assure the greatest possible benefit.

    While these calculations and even basic furniture placement are tied to the unique energy makeup of you and your office, these three general principles can help you create a supportive work environment.

    1. Clear away objects that sabotage energy flow. Clutter isn’t just messy; it’s a magnet for attracting negative energy. If your desk and floor are scattered with unfinished projects, papers, files and mail, energy can’t flow freely. Trapped energy either goes stagnant or builds up into a force that can make you feel jittery, overwhelmed, irritable, fatigued or depressed. In such an environment, you’ll find it’s hard to concentrate and complete tasks. Problems build up, creativity suffers and conflicts arise. Every item should have a designated home where you can find and easily access it. Take time to organize your files and use them so you don’t have to keep pieces of paper “in sight” just so you’ll know where they are. Clear the jumble from your desktop so that your eye — and the energy in your space — have calm places to rest. And don’t forget the jumble on your computer: regularly clear away unnecessary email and files.

    2. Reposition your desk. A sizable and neatly arranged desk attracts power and confidence. As a general rule, the best position for a desk is in the far right corner diagonally opposite from the door with your back to the wall or catty corner to the wall. In addition, try to avoid these three situations:

    • Don’t put your desk in a direct line with the door. The energy coming from another office or hallway can cause discomfort. You may find yourself unable to concentrate and want to leave your desk.
    • Don’t sit with your back to the door. You should have a clear view of the room and office door. This gives you energetic control over the space which, in turn, attracts energies that support you in feeling capable, relaxed, and confident.
    • Don’t sit at a desk that places you directly under an exposed overhead beam. That beam can concentrate energies in the area right over your head. If you spend eight or ten hours at your desk, you could find you suffer from headaches and you could literally feel you are “under too much pressure.”

    3. Balance your office lighting. Lighting doesn’t just affect your eyes or even your mood. It also affects the energy in your office. Light – even sunlight – that is too bright creates an excessively “yang” energy that can cause agitation, conflict, and difficulty concentrating. By the same token, light that’s too dim creates an excessively “yin” energy that can produce fatigue and make it difficult to project a confident, capable presence. Feng Shui principles help balance your office’s lighting so that it’s bright enough to energize the space without disrupting harmony and concentration. Consider using natural spectrum light bulbs — they provide a more balanced light than traditional bulbs. Outfit windows with blinds that can filter and direct sunlight to prevent harsh shadows and glare. Consider desk lamps — they give you more flexibility in adjusting your overall lighting and then help balance the glare your computer screen can produce.

    These three Feng Shui principles will go a long way toward helping you weed out “success sabateurs” that can choke off prosperity at work. But, as always, your own horoscope interacts with both the horoscope of your office and the energies flowing through it. If you make the changes suggested here but find that problems still persist – deals or promotions fall through, cash flow stalls, you can’t seem to get things done — a consultation with a Classical Feng Shui practitioner can quickly reveal the underlying causes and help you restore a positive energy flow.

    (c) 2009 Rupal Mehta Turner

    About the author: Feng Shui and Vaastu Expert Rupal Mehta Turner publishes “The Prosperity Report”, a biweekly ezine that reveals Feng Shui and Vaastu secrets for a thriving business and personal life. If you’re ready to improve your finances, health and relationships by using the forces in your environment, get your FR*EE tips now at

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    Is the Color of Your Purse Draining Your Wealth?

    Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

    We’ve all heard that Capital One commercial: “What’s in your wallet?” However, if you’re interested in attracting wealth, a more important question is “What color’s your wallet?” And now, for the first time, I’m offering a phone consultation designed expressly to use color and some other secrets to help Energize Your Money Magnet. (I’ll tell you more about this in just a moment.)

    I love beautiful bags! If I didn’t care about my finances, I’d go ahead and buy myself a beautiful red bag I just saw at Neiman Marcus. However, while the price of the bag itself wouldn’t have ruined my finances, that red color might have. So, instead, I’ve just bought a new green purse and a deep chocolate-colored wallet. Why? For my particular birthdate and the planetary influences in my home, the energetic vibrations of these colors act like money magnets for me. I sometimes carry a different-colored bag and wallet, too, when my Feng Shui “energy forecast” shows the chance of money loss. These other colors can blunt the impact of these negative energies and help me hang onto my money.

    Should you run out and buy a green purse or a chocolate wallet? Absolutely not – unless you have the very same forces at work in your natal chart and home as I do. If you don’t, these same colors could actually weaken you financially — without your even being aware of it.

    Everything in the universe carries an energetic vibration. This vibration can be quantified as a particular number. Different number combinations attract different types of energy which we experience as good fortune or bad money luck. The good and bad combinations depend on how the numbers that represent the energetic pattern of our natal chart interact with the numbers that represent our interaction with the world – e.g., the vibrational value of colors, directions, and other elements of our environment.

    Why risk bad money luck?

    Your wallet or purse is at the center of your daily financial life. Their color interacts with you directly and energetically!! Every time I am tempted to think that this is “just a little thing,” and go ahead and carry a bright red purse, I quickly see my luck turn and am reminded of just how real – and how powerful – color energies are.

    Many New Age Feng Shui consultants will tell you carry a color that is the same as your Gua number. Not true – and this could actually drain wealth. Other New Agers say to carry your money in a red or blue purse. One consultant even sells red and blue purses! Well, there is just no such thing as “one size fits all Feng Shui,” and without knowing how red and blue will impact you energetically; you could be risking downright disastrous results.

    Could you forego a wallet or purse and just put your money in your pocket? Sure, but why not take the opportunity to manipulate the color of your money holder to help lessen losses as you attract prosperity?

    Take advantage of a mini consultation for Energizing Your Money Magnet

    Helping you align your purse or wallet for prosperity is so important to me that I’m going to do something I’ve never done before and offer a mini Money Magnet telephone consultation. Sign up now and I’ll give you a phone consultation that reveals:

    –The very best Money-Magnet color for your own purse and wallet (and if you’re married – the best colors for each of you!).

    –How to energize your money magnet even more by carrying your own unique “lucky” amount of money. For a friend of mine, the amount is $48, while for her husband carrying $11 seems to bring extraordinary flows of good fortune.

    –How to energize money luck — simply by reorganizing what’s in your wallet.

    To schedule your Money Magnet telephone consultation click here. We will email you shortly to schedule a time for your consult. Again the link is

    (c) 2012 Rupal Mehta Turner

    About the author: Feng Shui and Vaastu Expert Rupal Mehta Turner publishes “The Prosperity Report,” a biweekly ezine that reveals Feng Shui and Vaastu secrets for a thriving business and personal life. If you’re ready to improve your finances, health and relationships by using the forces in your environment, get your FR*EE tips now at

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    Feng Shui for Troubled Times

    Monday, April 2nd, 2012

    Authentic Feng Shui balances both visible and invisible energies. This is a critical difference from hobbyist or “do it yourself” Feng Shui that concentrates on changing what is visible about your environment — the arrangement of furniture, for example. In contrast, a professional practitioner of authentic Feng Shui also manages the powerful unseen energies in an environment and this is how it is possible to bring about almost miraculous results.

    Still, with the economy pumping so much uncertainty and anxiety into the environment, it’s important to do all you can to create a supportive and protective environment. If you can’t immediately tap the expertise of a professional Feng Shui consultant, here are some common-sense ways to address — and improve — the visible energies in your home or office.

    1. Create a clean and orderly environment. With all that’s going on in the outside world, it’s smart to make your interior world as stress-free as possible, and that starts by removing all visible signs of clutter, unfinished tasks, disorder and disrepair. There’s no need to put on white gloves and spend every spare moment cleaning. However, the cleaner and clearer your rooms, the better air currents — and energy — will flow. As a result, you will feel calmer, safer and more productive. The reason is that everything, from a piece of paper to a dirty pot in the sink, has an energetic vibration. When there are too many objects in a room, there is simply too much vibration. This makes it difficult for you to concentrate and can leave you feeling anxious, pressured and cranky.

    2. Lighten your rooms — and your mood. With so much bad news coming at you from every direction, it’s easy to feel down and depressed. Did you know that spending too much time in dark rooms can actually contribute to depression, aching bones and other ailments? Let the sunshine in! Sunlight actually stimulates the optic nerve and tells the brain whether to produce serotonin (the wake-up, feel-good hormone) or melatonin (the time-to-sleep hormone). Sunlight is also a natural disinfectant that warms, brightens, and kills mold, mildew and germs. Light is a yang (vibrant) energy and in these tough times you want to bring in all the light you can to tip the balance away from living in an overly yin environment. Add a skylight if you can! If not, pull back the blinds, clean your windows, and turn up the lights. Full-spectrum light bulbs are wonderful since they reproduce the quality of natural sunlight and its positive effective on your body and mood.

    3. Make peace with your décor! Conflicting colors and patterns not only conflict with each other — they can put you in conflict with your environment. Their warring vibrations constantly jar your eye, making you feel anxious and irritable. Plus, constantly looking at conflicting colors and patterns will strain your eyes (creating fatigue and headaches) and, over time, put pressure on your liver. Headaches, anxiety and health issues are the last things you need: make it a priority to surround yourself with colors and patterns that are in harmony with one another — and with you.

    4. An eyesore is an eyesore. Anything that you see in your environment that bothers you will eventually depress your immune system. Get rid of those eye sores: chipped dishes, torn clothing, frayed or stained furniture, etc. And if you have an “eye sore view” from your window, immediately hang sheer curtains to block the view while still filling your room with beneficial light.

    5. De-clutter your mind. A cluttered home or business creates a disorganized mind. And a disorganized mind usually does not handle stress well, nor can you think clearly. Clutter literally clogs your home with energy that may cause depression and an out-of-control feeling. Not being able to find your things can subconsciously send the message that you’re failing. Sometimes you allow clutter simply because you are just too exhausted to do anything about it. The irony is that it is often the clutter itself that is inciting this feeling of fatigue. Free yourself from clutter so things can begin to open up in your home — and in your life.

    Remember, what’s visible in your environment is always a manifestation of what’s going on inside. The good news is that you can also use this principle in reverse! When you feel inner turbulence, use that anxious energy to transform your external environment: clean, clear away clutter, brighten, and beautify! You’ll be amazed at the immediate changes you begin to experience in how your environment looks and in how you feel.

    (c) 2012 Rupal Mehta Turner

    About the author: Feng Shui and Vaastu Expert Rupal Mehta Turner publishes “The Prosperity Report,” a biweekly ezine that reveals Feng Shui and Vaastu secrets for a thriving business and personal life. If you’re ready to improve your finances, health and relationships by using the forces in your environment, get your FR*EE tips now at

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    Better Business Decisions Through Feng Shui

    Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

    Could Feng Shui have saved investors from losing billions to Bernard Madoff? Yes!

    In Madoff’s office, a Classical Feng Shui practitioner would have been able to see absolute indications of “secrets”. A series of numerical calculations could literally have seen the future: this was a man with secrets who could not be trusted with money.

    How can Classical Feng Shui reveal what’s coming? This science uses numbers to analyze how the unseen energies of a place are interacting with the visiting planetary influences. The numbers that result from the calculations can then be translated: a certain combination of numbers, for instance, might reveal an unfavorable environment for partnership coupled with an indication of secrets. The relations between these numerical combinations and real-world outcomes has been revealed – and proven – over more than 5,000 years that Feng Shui has been practiced.

    Thus, when authentic Feng Shui is performed correctly, it can be used to predict and forecast what is going to take place in a location. For instance, a consultation might reveal that a particular building was charged with unseen energies that could lead to high expenses, revenue shortfalls, a hostile takeover, etc. When such inauspicious energies are found, Feng Shui can also be used to minimize the potential negative outcomes.

    Here are three examples of how Feng Shui “number power” can work for your business:

    1. Early-warning on problems developing inside a business. One of my clients was looking to buy a small retail business. In using Classical Feng Shui, I looked at the location of the business and the date on which it was started by the present owner. I saw strong indications that there were “secrets” going on in the business and advised my client to get the books checked. He said an initial audit had already shown that the books were fine. Because the energetic pattern so clearly indicated dishonesty and something hidden, I strongly urged him to get a second opinion — and thankfully he did. The second audit revealed that the buyer of this business would inherit a $200,000 IRS debt which was buried in the sales contract. Once the client learned of this, he immediately dropped his plans to purchase the business, saving himself from a financial disaster.

    The future of a business – or investments — can also be revealed by looking at the home of the business owner or investor. In the case of the Madoff scam, the energies in the homes of every investor who lost money through Madoff’s firm would have indicated a HUGE money loss.

    That’s why it’s prudent to have an authentic Feng Shui practitioner conduct an annual assessment of both your home and business. By staying alert to potential dangers — or beneficial energies — you work with rather than against the energies shaping your fortunes.

    2. Insights into relationship and partnerships. You can be the absolute best in the business, but making the wrong choices about everyone from vendors to partners can handicap your success. A perfect example is John McCain and his vice presidential running mate, Sarah Palin. Now we all know that Sarah made some major media mistakes, and many political analysts even said that her inexperience was one of the reasons McCain lost the election. Yes, all that is certainly true from a wordly view. However, when you look at the numbers between the two, what you see is eerie: The numbers in Sarah Palin’s natal chart clearly showed that she would cause McCain defeat. He probably selected her to win women voters. If, instead, he’d had an authentic Feng Shui consultant “run the numbers,” he might have weighed his options and chosen a running mate with more power to support his success.

    I’ll also give you a personal example of how those numbers make a difference: A while ago, I needed to retain an attorney. I got referrals from friends and colleagues and weighed each attorney’s relevant expertise. In making my final decision, however, I compared each attorney’s numbers to my own birthdate and the timing. The numbers told me exactly which attorney would give me the highest success. I chose that attorney. Though my case seemed to present a number of challenges, she handled my case with amazing success — the ruling went so completely my way that I was in awe of what happens when you work with the right energetic partner!

    3. Choosing the right dates for proposals, deals and other major endeavors. Just as the planetary influences at the time of your birth establish your personal horoscope, the planetary influences on the day you start a particular venture establish your business and financial horoscope. For instance, if you buy stock on a day when there is money luck in your chart, you’ll make money. If luck is missing that day, I guarantee you won’t make money. If a daytrader were to review all the dates on which he bought stock in a given month, he would find that stocks with the biggest rates of return were all picked on 4 to 5 certain days within that month when the planets were aligned in his favor. The same applies to opening up a bank account on a particular date. I know westerners may find this silly, but in Asia, people will not schedule major business actions without checking whether the date is auspicious for that particular type of action. Remember, however, that a date that is auspicious for one person may not be auspicious for another person — the personal horoscopes must be considered in conjunction with the business horoscope.

    Suppose, for example, that you want to incorporate your new business. Choosing an auspicious date is critical because it becomes the birthdate of your business. Through Feng Shui, you can look ahead and find a date that is marked for you with money-making potential. I had a client whose business simply limped along despite all the hard work she poured into it. After analyzing her incorporation date, I suggested she close the old corporation and reincorporate on a new date. Within less than 6 weeks of reincorporating on a date that had strong money-luck potential, her business started booming like she had never experienced before. She wasn’t working harder — but her business horoscope was now working with her rather than against her.

    Consider date-selection Feng Shui before you open bank accounts, submit business proposals, buy cars, or make any major purchase. Note, too, that date selection can make a difference in your personal life, particularly if you are selecting a wedding date or preparing to undergo in vitro fertilization.

    (c) 2012 Rupal Mehta Turner

    About the author: Feng Shui and Vaastu Expert Rupal Mehta Turner publishes “The Prosperity Report,” a biweekly ezine that reveals Feng Shui and Vaastu secrets for a thriving business and personal life. If you’re ready to improve your finances, health and relationships by using the forces in your environment, get your FR*EE tips now at

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