Clutter In Your Home Equals Chaos In Your Life!

Are you often confused or exhausted? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with emotional issues? Are you disorganized? Do you procrastinate? Then clutter may be the cause.

Clutter isn’t just a big pile of old newspapers. It’s anything that is unfinished, in disorder, messy, or stacked up. Clutter is anything in your environment that is in disrepair or that you no longer like or use. Even a house with naturally good Feng Shui or Vaastu can be weighed down by the negative energy of clutter. And since those “clutter energies” pull you in a dozen directions at once, it’s no wonder you have to try so hard to think clearly, make good decisions or simply get things done.

What to do? Start by throwing out things you no longer want, need or love. This automatically makes space for new positive things to come into your life. As we know from physics, nature abhors a vacuum. The minute you create an empty space, the universe seeks to refill it, sending good, fresh things your way.

Case in point: my client was hoping to meet a man with whom she could have a long-term relationship. In the meantime, however, she felt lonely and filled her life with men she enjoyed physically, but knew were not “relationship material”. She wondered why the right man never came along. I suggested she de-clutter her life of these distractions. She did — and very soon afterward met a wonderful man and they are now dating “seriously” and looking to the future.

I have another client who tells me she gets new clients every time she cleans out her old office files.

Even my daughter knows the power of “making space”. Every time she cleans out her closet, new clothes appear! No kidding — within days of getting rid of the clothes she no longer likes or wears, a parcel will appear out of nowhere. Out of the blue, my sisters or mother send her some new clothes because they were out shopping and were thinking of her. I never say a word to them – it just happens. I’m so lucky my daughter has discovered this secret! Not all mothers get such an eager response when they tell their children to clean up their rooms!

What do you want to attract for the remainder of 2011? Whatever it is, start today by creating the space for those new opportunities to flow in!

Start in your office. Toss email and papers you no longer need, clear your address books of old names, delete old computer files, get old photos out of your digital camera, clear out your cell phone’s list of names and numbers – get rid of any item that’s not useful, beautiful or beloved. If something is broken, fix it or toss it – otherwise it’s simply unfinished business.

Next, de-clutter your home! Clear out junk. Keep only items that you love or use and that represent your essence and enhance your life. If you don’t know where to begin, start by taking just half an hour a day to clear clutter from small areas like kitchen drawers or to target those no-brainers like newspapers and magazines, junk mail, broken items, expired foods and old prescriptions. As you build momentum, work your way to larger areas.

As you begin to do this, you will feel lighter, more energetic, and you will gain a sense of control over your environment. The added bonus is that by creating an abundance of space, you free room for abundance to flow into your life.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if you’re at work, at home, or even in a temporary situation like a hotel room: you are energetically attached to every single object in your environment. Having more stuff isn’t necessarily a good thing: an Indian Saint once said that “our material desires are just like coins in our pockets, they weigh us down”. Be careful about loading up your space with objects and with people. Every object either nourishes or depletes your energy. Spare, uncluttered spaces can be elegantly luxurious, allowing energy – and abundance – to flow freely. Still, if you feel happiest surrounded by many things, that’s fine. Just be sure to avoid creating stagnant energy – and getting stuck and surrounded by chaos – by keeping every object scrupulously clean, orderly and in good repair.

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