How do I know if I have good Feng Shui and Vaastu or bad Feng Shui and Vaastu?

Have you suddenly begun to experience a spate of bad luck? Have you recently moved into your current home and now you or a family member has become ill, suffered financial losses, or experienced career or relationship problems? In your business, do obstacles and set backs continue to block you no matter how hard you try to fix things? Then it’s likely the energy of your environment is affecting you negatively. That’s bad Feng Shui.

Your home’s unique energy exerts a powerful influence on the health, finances, reputation, and relationships of everyone who lives, sleeps and works there. Through consultation with Classical Feng Shui, you can harmonize that energy so your home provides maximum support – and maximum protection against negative energies that can work against you to create misfortune, illness, conflict and worries.

Even small changes can make a dramatic difference to your happiness, well-being and success.

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