Is this a passing fad or just some new age superstition?

Unfortunately, inexperienced practitioners and popularized versions of Feng Shui have led many to view this ancient science as a frivolous fad. Classical Feng Shui and Vaastu, however, have been around more than 6,000 years — secretly used by emperors and kings to safeguard their wealth, power, and well-being. Neither is this superstition. These are environmental sciences grounded in numerical patterns and mathematical calculations that assess the physical, directional, and spatial energies at play in us and in our environment.

Practiced by more than 1 billion people worldwide, the ancient science of Classical Feng Shui identifies and manages the unseen energies that exist in our environment. Classical Feng Shui uses principles of environmental science and complex mathematical formulas to analyze exactly how the powers of the land, time and space affect individuals’ finances, health, relationships, and career in any particular period. Classical Feng Shui experts use these analyses to give clients the power to harness beneficial energies while reducing negative energies.

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